Technology for your passion

You were used to let your boat alone in the harbour.

You were used to fear the unexpected.

But what about if we told you that you could stop worrying today?  What if we told you that it is now possible to stay constantly with your boat? Well you are not dreaming!

Our teams are really proud to introduce you to our product: Connected Rope®


  • control

    You are attached to your boat… And so we are! We would like to offer you the possibility to stay in control at any time! Now, no matter the distance between you and your boat, you have got an eye constantly about what’s going on on board!

  • security

    Do you think your boat is really safe? Danger is everywhere, even (mainly) in the harbour! But don’t worry, we give you the peace of mind and the serenity you deserve thanks to our product!

  • passion

    You love sailing, yachting and the sea… Over all we would like to offer you the possibility to focus on what really matter; your passion - our obsession!

Connected Rope

Connected Rope® is the unique connected object develop FOR YOU.
A combination of technologies that allows you to handle instantly and simply your boat.Now, even far from the harbour, you stay at the helm.

Our product is innovative, reliable, certified CE, customizable, inviolable and very easy to use! You just have to plug it on the rope and enjoy.

Save time, money and stress. Order now your Connected Rope®!



A technologically advanced device on a traditional equipment that exists for 2000 years! The missing link with your boat. Real-time information of vital data of your boat. Just as a baby phone, but for boats!

Peace of mind & Free Spirit

With Connected Rope®, feel the movement of your ship, anywhere and anytime! Now you can stay at the helm no matter where you are! With Connected Rope® you master your boat all throughout the year, even away from it.

Digital Captain

The Largowind App is available from any of your devices, mobile, tablet or PC! So that your boat stays closest to you: in your pocket!

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They talk about Largowind!

Designed for your boat – Crafted with love – Engineered with passion

Connected Rope® is the essential device for the 3.0 Captain.

Our Crew

Adventure and freedom. Sailing is a great feeling. We share your values. We share your passion. And today, thanks to you, we put technology to its service.

Your boat is unique to your eyes. You are unique to ours.

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